Sula Hotel and Fishing Resort

The Norwegian Sea is ice-free throughout the year, so fishing is good all year round at the Isles of Frøya. Here you will find abundance of cod, pollack, saithe, haddock, halibut and crustaceans; yet, in the depth waters of the Norwegian sea, many surprises can spice up your fishing trip. Success is guaranteed! The probability of big catches is great, and the quantity as never been an issue for guests visiting Sula Hotel and Fishing Resort. The fishing of Atlantic mackerel, haddock and ling are the most popular among our sport’s fishermen, and the fishing of big-sized pollacks hits its climax in the summer, which has become the greatest attraction for their engaged fishermen. Here there’s plenty of large saithes around the coast of Sula and there’s also a high chance for halibut. The catch of catfish is possible earlier in the season. They have different types of living accommodation, check out their website for pictures and information.